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Advanced Diploma in International Taxation ('ADIT') - Exam Structure

Qualification structure

The ADIT exams are held online using your own laptop or desktop computer, meaning you will now be typing your answers. 

Sitting online exams, students use a purpose-built exam application, Exam4, on their laptop or desktop computer. Students can sit the exam at a location of their choice, such as their home or office.

To enable students to sit exams in a flexible location, the Chartered Institute of Taxation ('CIOT') has published new rules for online exams. Familiarise yourself with the new regulations and equip yourself with the information you need for your exams here


Key Dates and Deadlines

The following dates apply to the June 2021 exam session:

• 29 January 2021 Student registration deadline
• 31 March Exam entry deadline (no exam entry is possible after this date)
• 8-10 June Exams take place
• 19 August Notification of results via email

The following dates apply to the December 2021 exam session:

• 30 July Student registration deadline
• 16 September Exam entry deadline (entries received after this date are
to £100 late entry fee)
• 30 September Closing date for late entries
• 7-9 December Exams take place
• 17 February 2022 Notification of results via email



Students should register with the CIOT and will also need to pay a registration fee directly to them. Current ADIT exam fees for 2021 are listed below. You can do this on the CIOT website

Student registration fee: £215
Exam entry fee (per exam)*: £195
Extended Essay registration fee: £195

*Exam entries received during the late entry period will be subject to an
additional £100 late fee.

Fees are correct at the time of publication; however ADIT fees are subject to annual review and may change over time.